gardening time at pac Mac

The Nuthouse Cafe is now closed for the winter. The website is at work, supplying people with nuts and nut-related stuff. The nuts are dropping as the wind howls and the rain falls. Happily there are lots of clear days to get the work done. 

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Cappuccino anyone?
Curtains of macadamia blossom
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A bag of the best nuts in the world
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A favoured gift choice
Pacific Coast Macadamias staff are all tied up until September 10. Please note that new orders or messages will not be processed until that date. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Pacific Coast Macadamias orchard and the Nuthouse Cafe

On the Pacific Coast Highway, 84km East of Opotiki, lies Whanarua Bay.There, tucked in under the Raukumaras is a small plantation of macadamia trees basking in the subtropical sun. Each year the trees produce a crop of delectable kernel and we harvest, dry, crack, process, pack and sell these on the premises. Nut products can be purchased at the Nut House Cafe in the summer, or anytIme from our stockists around New Zealand or our online shop.