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 The Nuthouse Cafe is not open. It's so embarrassing that I failed to keep this page up to date. Apologies to anyone put out by the lying website. The plan is to open sometime in December.  We will be making paninis to order and toasties and lots of macadamia goodies. Then there is our espresso, not to be passed by if you are a coffee drinker. The view of the bay is worth coming for alone and WIFI is available.


This part of New Zealand's East coast is remote and undeveloped, which makes it a highly popular place in the summer and the desolate haunt of a few in the winter. Pretty romantic really. Suffice to say that the cafe is only open in the summer.

About Us

molinari cup
Italian cappuccino cup
Curtains of macadamia blossom
macadamia fruit
A bag of the best nuts in the world
painted tin of chocolate macadamia nuts
A favoured gift choice

Pacific Coast Macadamias orchard and the Nuthouse Cafe

On the Pacific Coast Highway, 84km East of Opotiki, lies Whanarua Bay.There, tucked in under the Raukumaras is a small plantation of macadamia trees basking in the subtropical sun. Each year the trees produce a crop of delectable kernel and we harvest, dry, crack, process, pack and sell these on the premises. Nut products can be purchased at the Nut House Cafe in the summer, or anytIme from our stockists around New Zealand or our online