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Macadamias are good for you

Our geese find foraging for kernel after mowing a worthwhile exercise
Happy, Nut fed gosling

In recent years health professionals have become increasely aware of the value of tree nuts in the diet, as a defence against disease and in improving well being. Macadamia nuts in particular have been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease risk. 


Energy: 3080kJ

Protein: 9.2g

Fat: 74.0g ( monounsaturates:60g, polyunsaturates:4.0g, saturates:10g)

Ash (minerals):1.3g

Carbohydrates:7.9g (sugars:4.6g)

Dietary fibre: 6.4g

Cholesterol: nil

Calcium: 64mg

Potassium: 410mg

Other Minerals:, phosphorus 200mg, magnesium 300mg . Smaller amounts of sodium, selenium,iron, manganese copper and zinc are present. Human bodies need a supply of all of these. Selenium has an active role in cancer remission.


This important group of chemicals made in living plants and present in trace amounts have a role in maintaining health. Antioxidants, the main class of these found in macadamias, are scavengers of free radicals and protect living organisms from the damage and degeneration that cancer and cardiovascular diseases bring.